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Welcome to Primary Health Care in Wicker Park & Lincoln Park

Our Mission

Wicker Park & Lincoln Park Primary, Preventive, & Procedural Care

The entire team at M. Chavez, MD, SC strives to inspire and aid those seeking their optimal health, wellness and healing through efficient service, quality consultations and our core values: integrity and respect.

We Specialize in Procedural Medicine and Preventive Health and Wellness and offer a variety of services from weight loss management to travel medicine.  Let us be your entry point for comprehensive and complete care. 

Procedural Medicine

Procedural medicine is a specialized branch of medicine that involves in-office interventions geared to produce specific and immediate diagnostic or therapeutic outcomes.  Our procedures require no general anesthesia, lengthy preps or fasting and are generally done within a 30 minute time frame including any needed recovery time.   The protocol for each procedure undertaken ensures a painless experience from beginning to end.  We are proud to offer our patients a wide variety of procedural services ranging from joint injections for shoulder and knee osteoarthritis to minor skin surgery and more. 

Preventive Health Consulting

The Family Doctor has a major role in primary prevention. With Preventive Health Consulting, we offer an integrative approach to care and screen for illness before its progression to any sign or symptom of dysfunction. These preclinical conditions are most often detected by a detailed history, a complete physical exam, a lifestyle analysis and appropriate screening tests and imaging.  Our wellness program offers individualized alternative treatment and prevention strategies not found in routine medical clinics.

Health Maintenance and Management

Secondary prevention generally involves preventing disease progression after it is clinically obvious and a diagnosis is established. With tertiary intervention, the rehabilitation of patients with disabling conditions and the work required to bring them back to their highest level of function is a daunting task. Dr. Chavez and his staff offer a complete and focused evaluation with detailed assessments and individualized treatment plans for a quicker recovery.

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Whether you are interested in wellness and prevention, have an acute or chronic illness or require procedural services, our goal is always to prevent, maintain and optimize your wellbeing every step of the way.

Dr. Chavez is licensed and regulated by The Medical Board of California and The Illinois Department of Professional Regulation.  With locations in the Wicker Park and Lakeview neighborhoods of Chicago, we proudly extend our expertise to the surrounding areas of Lincoln Park, Buck town, Logan Square and the Ukrainian Village. Please visit us; we look forward to working with you.