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Regenerative Medicine

We offer regenerative products for pain and dysfunction of chronic osteoarthritis, chronic tissue and ligament injuries and aesthetic enhancements. Our clinic uses autologous (patient’s own tissues) stem cells and stem cell products for most treatments offered. In certain cases, we will recommend allogenic (not the patient’s own) stem cell products as a first line product. Our in-house facilities include the latest imaging, centrifuge and harvesting equipment. All procedures are performed in the office on the day of the visit.

Procedures are all detailed and protocoled for consistent and reproducible outcomes. To help you with questions and concerns throughout your procedure, we follow these steps:

  1. Make or confirm a diagnosis

  2. Review all prior imaging and treatments and choose the best product for each patient

  3. Harvest / purchase the product and administer with image guided technology

  4. Follow up post treatment with lifestyle modifications

We follow the proper use of stem cells and stem cell products as regulated by the FDA. Treatment with stem cells and stem cell products is not approved by the FDA for arthritis, injury-related pain, chronic joint pain, anti-aging or other health issues at this time. We encourage all patients interested in our products to do their own initial research prior to their consultation. For more information on the latest FDA information on stem cells and stem cell products, please follow this link: https://www.fda.gov/ForConsumers/ConsumerUpdates/ucm286155.htm



Platelet rich plasma (PRP) and platelet rich fibrin matrix (PRFM) work as growth factors for areas treated. Platelets are harvested with either a neutrophil rich or poor content depending on the diagnosis and the location of the injection. Platelet rich plasma is generally indicated for younger patients with acute injuries or illnesses such as recent onset of osteoarthritis, knee sprains including ligament and tendon injuries and certain meniscal tears. PRP and PRFM is well studied and backed by scientific research, it is evidence based medication.

A2M (alpha -2- macroglobulin)


This protein along with the help of its biomarker FAC decreases inflammation by protease inhibition to initiate the repair process. This product works specifically for older patients with longstanding chronic osteoarthritis of the knees and is best combined with PRFM which serves as a scaffold for improved treatment outcomes. A2M specifically treats chronic pain and inflammation and prevents the progression of osteoarthritis. A2M is well studied and supported by research. This product is evidence based.



This powerful nanoparticle is a vesicle that resides in each mesenchymal stem cell. It is responsible for the cell to cell communication at the microscopic level and the powerhouse that gives stem cells their appeal. This protein is now the ultimate product of regenerative medicine. It can be used in conjunction with platelet rich therapy and platelet rich fibrin matrix to help repair and maintain injured tissues. Exosomes are the ultimate and final tissue repair protein indicated for chronic osteoarthritis in patient who have benefited from PRP and A2M. Research on this product is ongoing and while this product works well, it is not evidence based at this time.